Saturday, June 2, 2007

What I do...

2 years ago, I built a building...we'll, "we" built a building. Today was the day it was finally dedicated. Caird Hall. No one noticed that the anodized letters were really plastic. Instead, they all laughed at the jokes he told, watched the ribbon fall off the wall and smiled as Mr. Caird became teary eyed when the president talked about how proud his father would have been... It's universal isn't it? The Power of a father in our lives. I mean no discredit to mothers, by the way.

Anyways, I built the building. I guess in a sense, I'm one of those who know it best. And apparently he likes engineer/architect types. So I stepped into the breach of the tour...pushed to the front with Mr. Caird. "We've formed a real community here," I started. "It's beautiful and popular and quite durable with slate and oak and such." He was thrilled. Everybody was thrilled. And then we all went our seperate ways. The event was over as quickly as it started. So much preparation. So much energy and anxiety by so many people to secure a wonderful experience for an aging man who had just pledged $3.7M and put his name on the building while some of his classmates looked on with pride.

I built Caird Hall. I got to tell its story just a little bit today. Then I drank a Pepsi, picked up a dedication pamphlet for my scrapbook, and went home to love my daughters intentionally. Life is good isn't it?! Sometimes that's what I do.

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