Friday, October 24, 2008

Dancing with Cinderella

There's a tragic story here. The singer lost his daughter recently. You can google it if your so inclined. He had no idea what his words and actions would mean until that day. The loss of a young life is so tragic, but even more so is to be with that person and to have never known them. Too many times this song brings tears to my eyes as I sit in my chair and play littlest, my middlest and my biggest girls, one at a time will so often wander over and snuggle up in ways more cat like than girl like (how do their little bodies bend like that?!). They look at books, or play with barbies, or... and every once in a while they'll sing along, looking at me in such a wonderful way, "I danced with Cinderella..." As for me, Saturday I'm going to clean the living room, move the coffee table out and dance with Cinderella because "I know something the prince never knew."