Monday, October 29, 2012

Girls and Guns

My middle daughter, 14 with  a Ruger Mark II in hand.  My first pistol.  And tonight, my first opportunity to teach her to shoot.  We had a great time, blasting through about a hundred rounds.  She's good!  Quick learner...had a great time.  We covered safety, good form, quarterbacking, and finally target aquisition.  Funny thing though, at the end I reserved a new target for her final 10 rounds as a keepsake.  She passed....but she did take a target, the one we shot up together.  The difference between boys and girls.  At 14 I would have taken the one I shot and talked about how my dad took me and taught me and look what I did.  Not for her...she just cared that we did it together. 

I have to tell you...I love being a dad!