Monday, September 13, 2010

I love the Great New York State Fair...the things that come out at the Center of Progress building is a mix of hucksters and great new ideas. I'm sure this photo represents one of those new ideas. Wire brush tires! For only $89.99 each, these tires not only roll down the highway, but they also scrub it whispy clean. And if you purchase by 2pm today you get 10 gallons of cleaner fluid to go with it...but wait, there's more!

OK, just kidding. Ever see the big black tire aligators on the side of the highway? This is where they come from. Kind of cool isn't it. I think the trucker doesn't feel the same. First - he now has to change the tire, and second - he had to put up with a car full of weirdo's passing and slowing and passing and slowing just so we could get this photo.

Funny, usually the family makes fun of my posting but not today. Today I heard a unanimous from the back seat, "you so have to blog about this day;" with a "yes hon'" from my foxy babe in enthustiac support!