Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I don't even know where to start, I just think I should.  I don't write enough these days.  In fact, I haven't written at all these days.  Well, at least until today.  It's been a long summer filled with pressure and stress and all the things that make up a good construction project.  I did end the year with Leaves and Lobsters with my bride...a Sunday afternoon filled with nice Reislings and lobster.  Perfect view, perfect day.  Life doesn't get any better.  This year was my 29th reunion from high school, you know you come from a back woods town when you informally celebrate 29 years! 

At my wive's 30th; yes, I married an older woman - A cougar!  Where was I?  Oh yes, the 30th.  I ran into an old mutual friend.  He lauded his love of Scotch.  I'm not a whiskey...er...whisky drinker, but the thought was interesting.  A nice maduro, a fine Scotch - such a manly thing to do.  For the fun of it, I began a little research (not on the Maduro - I've got the cigars figured out).  Lucky for me there's a website out there called "The Art of Manliness."  My problems were solved!  Apparently I missed this memo - to be a man you have to drink Scotch.  Hmmmm...  I'm not sure I'll take up the sport of Scotch drinking, but something deep in me resonates.  It's a guy thing.  I can't describe it really, other than to say, if you don't get this cartoon, don't even try to figure it out!