Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogging - It's what I do!

I like stories. I like to write stories. This blogging thing just came naturally for me. See something cool, photograph it if possible. Reflect and write it down when possible. Repeat. Now it's become part of my life, and I realized very recently, part of our life. Our means us, my bride, my kids and me. You see, we were experiencing something cool together when my wife suddenly burst out, "Oh you HAVE to put that on your blog!" And I soon as I remember what it was! This photo captures it all so well... Oh, I'm so blogging about this...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Look what Twitter's done now (guns to a snowball fight)

It snowed in DC...a lot. For a city that doesn't get blasted like we do on the northeast, I applaud them for their enthusiasm! Apparently after a flurry of twitters, hundreds of people gathered for a snowball fight. Everything was fine until an off duty police officer drove by in his Hummer. A perpetrator had the nerve to actually strike his vechical with squished up ball of the white stuff. Not to be made a fool of, or have his precious paint scratched?, he of course exited his vehical brandishing not a snoball, but a 9mm (artistic liberty taken with the weapon due to the blurry images). One eye witness was quoted as saying, "It was pretty fun, and then, you know, when the gun came out, uh, it just changed the tone of the thing a little bit." Changed the whole tone of the thing a bit?!
So, Hummer guy, I say lighten up a little and stop giving DC police a bad name. I sincerely hope the snowball fight went on after his departure. As for me, I have a Twitter account. Maybe I'll actually give it a never know when you'll be invited to bring a gun to a snowball fight!