Tuesday, July 15, 2008

German is synonomous for "Friendly"

Let me share a dialogue with you...

To the project manager, "...this is the reminder for you to order one Kiosk from the "friendly Germans" at ADA height for the CTL kiosk..."

Interjected by the German architect, "German is synonymous for friendly and (friendly) does not have to be added or in quotation marks! From now on, if say the word German you will visualize a happy German couple dancing in traditional clothing and drinking beer." (See photo).

As for me, I have not yet met an unfriendly German, so I guess I have to agree! But more importantly, as I grow older (but not yet old), I'm blessed to have so many friends. Two of which are in the dialogue above. Life is good!!! Now, about that Belgium Beer?


S. J. Deal said...

I can't say I've met an unfriendly German, but I've heard of one.

Anonymous said...

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