Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is Arch street, and we're telling stories

My name is David (last name held for lack of memory). No Mr. Chris, you need to leave work at home and be on vacation. This is Philadelphia and you're here to see the sites. After a short lecture, we were back on track. Now it was David's mission to make my day. We're going to drive to the boy king, and while we're on our way, I'm gonna tell stories. We're going to have fun, and Mr. Chris, we'll be there in 15 can time me. Now, we can't leave early...those are the rules...we leave at 4:00 PM on the nose. At 3:45 we rolled off bound for the Franklin Institute - he didn't want to be late I guess! But before we left, the girls got to ring the trolly bell (see the photo)!
Off we went, a right, then a left...The new center is a whole football field long (3 times for effect). All the men of that day were masons...I'm a mason too. Wawa means peace, there's little Rome...and the line that he kept bringing us back to... "Yeah, this is Arch street and we're telling stories." Well, there was not we, but he kept our attention wrapt, in fact I was hoping we'd be late just so we would remain entertained. For the record...16 minutes...I should have bet him a cheese steak!

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