Monday, June 18, 2007

Those eyes...

Eyes are an enchanting thing. I remember the National Geographic that came out, the picture on the cover was that of some young Afghan girl with dazzling eyes...the picture captured the nation. On a lighter note, I remember being a younger man and looking deeply into the face of a beautiful young lady, "...Your eyes, they're like two brilliant glowing stars floating (pause), floating around in the empty space in your mind!" In 3 seconds, she went from nearly swooning, to utter confusion, to "I'm gonna hit you so hard your mothers gonna yell." I was only joking!

That girl over there is Eli. It's not likely she'll ever make the cover of a magazine, but she's got those eyes that make a father tremble. They're like a storm on the sea, like the moon glowing at night...mesmerizing, beautiful, enchanting. They could melt a stone - it's a good thing I'm harder than that! She's disarming. She's also brilliant and tough as nails. What do you expect from a dad who was a once upon a time soldier : )

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