Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why do you read?

As of this moment, my site has been viewed 1,363 times. Assuming that 1,000 are me ; ) that leaves 363 views by others! As I losely watch the hits list, I understand some: Greece, NY (Wingman), Colorado (my Ranger Buddy), Dallas (an old College buddy), Paris (who ever can understand the French)... The question I sometimes wonder though is about the others if I can be so bold to assume that it's just one person in Cheyenne and Houston and Jacksonville and other places I see frequently... I can't help but wonder why you read and what you find here. It's of no matter, and if you've found this blogsite you're welcome to stay, I just remain curious.

I'll stop here. Though it's nearly 4PM in Fiji (the time my blog is set at), it's after midnight in central New York. Good night!

1 comment:

Rodrigo said...

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