Friday, March 30, 2007

Point Man

I'm liking this Steve Farrar guy. Not hard to read, but sometimes the message is hard. He calls us to manhood, to leadership. It's tough to lead a family. But so what, it's not really a choice, not when you follow the King of Kings, and that's his call for men.

Here's what Steve says...
"This is a book for men. It's a book for men that talks about how to become an effective leader in your home. After 3 years of research and study, it is my conclusion that effective male leadership in the homes of America is going the way of the dinosaur. Some people are worried about the extinction of whales, condors, snail-darters, or baby seals. Those are legitimate concerns. But let me shoot straight with you. I'm a lot more worried about the extinction of the men who know how to lead a family. And the effective male leader who knows how to lead his family is already on the endangered species list." Point Man, P. 13.

I wish he were wrong, but I don't believe he is. Nor do I believe we any longer are, "One nation under God." I'm beginning to understand now how Rome fell so quickly. Free will vs. election no longer matter so much - maybe that's just a product of age. But KJV vs. NIV, pre or post trib., none of it is as important as shining as a light in a dark world, and intentionally leading and intentionally loving my family.

On a light note - I know this cool army song about baby seals (as noted above), anyone want to hear it? And don't forget to scroll down one entry, I updated my airborne log.

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