Saturday, March 24, 2007

I can feel the waves Chuck

In each of us, there is a deep place we don't share. It's our heart, our soul, our self...the very essence of our being. It's the part we only share with those we truly love. Some of find the things that move us in the opera, or the forests or the nighttime sky. We feel things deeply that recharge us in ways that words can never begin to express. For me, it's the water. The Pacific, the Atlantic, a very deep lake nearby. But sometimes it's much simpler than that. Sometimes my friends help me feel the waves... I'm not talking about sharing memories, or deep conversations. I mean really helping me "feel the waves." Like with a glass of water emptying it's contents at about 130 mph straight into my face. Thanks Chuck, thanks for helping me "feel the waves!" So much for the fun next entry will be something more manly, more hooah. It only seems fitting.


5 Johnson Kids said...

I like the water analogy. The hardest part about TX for me was being sooooo far from any water. I felt dry and parched and like I was literally going to dry up and blow away. That all changed for me when I made some good friends there, they became a source of "water" for me, a refreshing place to go and be cooled, comforted, and filled. The way I understand God is that he is in relationship always, Father, Son, Holy Spirit are always in dialogue, relationship. And so, when friends come along and truly relate, dialogue, meet us, then we are most like God in this moment. We are in intimate, holy, union with another in the way that He is always in union with himself.

Thans for the great thoughts that spark more thoughts for me!

Chris said... some friends I had (have) 15 years ago. Nice thoughts. Ravi Zacharias made an interesting observation about the difference between the mono god and our Triune God. The mono god had to creat mankind so that he had companionship and could learn how to love. Our God has always been in perfect fellowship...perfect love. When we were created, we became another way for that love to be perfectly expressed. He says it much better, and the point is profound, it's deep, and it's right on.

You're welcome...and ditto on the thanks!