Sunday, March 4, 2007

He still hears...

4 AM. I'm driving to the Syracuse airport for a marathon day. Philly at 8:30 for a meeting with an architect. 1:30 flight to Pittsburgh for an interview with a potential client. 7 or 8 PM return to Philladelphia by 9:30. 8 AM the next morning for another job. I pray when I drive. Often out loud. At about 4:15 I begin praying, "Lord, please provide me with a man today who can speak to me, challenge me, mentor me just a little." I prayed for friends, to be professional in my job. I prayed for an engineer. And then I got on a plane. The flight was uneventful, and the airport meeting went really well. And then I flew to Pittsburgh. The man next to me started a conversation. He was humble and wise and interesting. He was, I quickly realized, an answer to my prayer. Why does it shock me when God answers prayers so boldly? We talked about Tony Campolo, about justice and the uniqueness of a small university that still proclaims the truth boldly. He was a college President. Many of his words challenged me, or opened my eyes to truths I know but hadn't considered in a long time. It was a blessing. And an honor as he said, "Pray for Tony..." Suddenly I felt connected to this great speaker, this great man of God, in a personal way. That's enough for today. Tomorrow, after a birthday party, I'll introduce my girls to Friday, but Sunday's coming, and I'll tell them of God's faithfulness.

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