Saturday, February 10, 2007


That guy to the right over there...Jamie Morgan. The gorgeous girl is his daughter. She's holding a combat patch from the 82nd Airborne - it was her it's mine. It's one of my most prized posessions. When Jamie was a boy and I was a paratrooper, I taught him to do PLFs off the coffee table. He went to jump school and confessed in the early jumps he often mumbled, "Darn you CB!" (Initials used to protect the I'm proud of this young man and his service to our country. In an way only an airborne soldier can understand, I'm proud that he cursed me during many of his jumps!!! And now I'm proud to display the desert camo patch of one of our most esteemed paratrooper Divisions on my wall. I'm only sad that I can no longer refer to the Proud AA as the "Almost Airborne." From this day forward I will put aside that joking rivalry between Divisions and give the 82nd its proper respect. Go All American!

A bit of history. PLF stands for parachute landing fall. There are typically two types of PLFs. The first involves landing on your five points of contact: 1.Balls of your feet 2.Calf 3.Thigh 4.Buttox 5.Push-up muscle. Hence, when you screw up - the Black Hat would often refer to you as "falling on your 4th point of contact!"
The less official PLF is much simpler (and much more painful). It's called the "Feet Knees Face" landing. You get the drift. And the stupidest question the military medical officers ask paratroopers..."Have you ever been unconscious..."

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