Sunday, February 4, 2007

This picture gets an explanation...

I like George W. I pray for George W. often. He's got a tough job, and the liberal press absolutely abuses him. I usually keep my mouth shut, it's a survival mechanism working in Higher Education. But like President Bush, I got a bad rap from the press this week. I was having breakfast with 3 of the 4 most beautiful women in the world (my bride stayed home). All capable of becoming Miss America; none willing to stoop that low. They're beauty runs so much deeper than their faces... But that's not why I'm writing. At breakfast a roving reporter asked, "Do you think Hillary Clinton will be the next President?" I thought, I still have First Amendment Rights, I'll answer...carefully. 'If a woman is capable, Certainly Hillary Clinton is that woman,' I began. 'However, I'm not sure the country is ready for a woman President.' My words were meant to express my perception of the nation. But the paper replaced my 'the country' with a simple "WE." Now I'm implicated. What's worse is my face was framed under a "no way in the world will I vote for her" guy. Now it seems, anyone at work I talk to is ready to challenge my so called thoughts on the issue. It gets funny - 2 days later the Editors printed a great piece on how the Nation appears to not be ready for a woman; complete with facts and statistics. Unfortunately, they got front of the section framed by no one...I got one sentence and defined in the 'He man woman haters club.' So...even though I know this is a cheap photoshop job I stole off the net, I echo this Presidential comment for all those who don't like his opinions...or mine!

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