Monday, July 30, 2007


I couldn't think of a witty synonym to stands for Happy Birthday to me. And don't be confused by the date. It's the 29th here - my blog is on Fiji time - a place I'd rather be!

I'm a dad. That means I get REALLY cool birthday gifts. It starts with sneaking up on me little girls who have this 'I'm up to something look' just before the sing Happy Birthday with smiles as big as China! And then the formal stuff. A cool rock...bigger than most years...but equally cool! A glow in the dark hand to put on my ceiling (I think I'll put it at my office). And a necklace of beads with a silvery cross that is still in the repair stage (at 6, the fine art of tying isn't quite perfected...especially with thread!).

It's gonna be a great birthday today - I can tell already !!!

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