Monday, April 16, 2007

What I do (goodbye Gerry)

It's Sunday afternoon and at the last minute, I've been asked to do the sound for a dear saint who passed on to eternity on 4/11/07. She was born in 1923, and affectionately referred to as a person who sometimes was, "brutally honest." Though many of us despised her beloved organ, we all loved her dearly! So, in the limited time I had...I grabbed lunch and began laying out the mics, figuring out how to plug in the keyboard, guessed who would stand where, etc. I left my black jacket on as it looked a little more formal than my golf shirt. Gerry was special to all of us. The pastor commented, "You can tell the impact of a life by the people who come to the funeral." And Gerry lived a wonderful life! What an honor to serve in this way...quietly, in the back. Turning dials, sliding faders, and making amazing grace sound its best. No one asked, but I burned a CD of the service and snapped a few web cam photos (like this one). I hope it helps...

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