Friday, April 6, 2007

April 5th, 2001

We don't get to chose how we die, God does that. But we can wish, can't we? I love my bride - 16 years today. The photo is intriguing, isn't it? Hopefully you don't see the gruesome, but instead the strangly romantic...and the funny. I don't really know the story here - I just know that this is how I want to die...with the person I love the most. My best friend, my love, my bride. Quietly. Together. Someday to be excavated with a toothbrush by some doctoral student studying the archeology of a place that once was... Happy anniversary darling!
PS-If I had a color, I'd color us white...


Shane said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm adding that to my calendar.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

(And thank you for the tea!)