Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I'm up to 83 posts and 1824 visits. 61 parachute jumps. 3 Children. And my oldest turned 11 yesterday. I don't feel old. But I do feel nostalgic. I toured a Frank Lloyd Wright house last week. It was an amazing thing...it left an impression. But the impression was not him or his work - it was something much deeper. Though perhaps misguided, his life had purpose and clarity and direction. He created something that would live on beyond him. I know the legacy I will leave must have to do with my children, but sometimes there is a longing for more. It is not valid or legitimate, but still it is an emotion to be embraced and taken captive. I'm not a grand architect, an artist, a legend. But still I find that it's important to me to assign value to what I will contribute. To define the goal and strive to achieve it to the best of my ability. I am a father of daughters. A diplomat. A mentor and a leader of men. It's taken too long for me to come to terms with those things - but that makes them no less true. Though the Meyer May house taught me about compression and release, about horizontality, about muted prarie colors...what Frank Lloyd Wright really taught me last Monday was how to become who I am.

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5 Johnson Kids said...

how to become who I am.

I like that. Leaning into and embracing who we are, rather than struggling to become someone we're "supposed" to be.

Your legacy, in part,is teaching your children how to become who they are, to accept who God has made them to be, to revel and rejoice and roll around in the glory of his creation, his image in them.

What a legacy.