Wednesday, August 29, 2007's what I do

The pre-game banter really is what the game is all about. Two foursomes. A roudy bunch of architects, engineers, and project managers. We eye each other suspiciously dressed in our shirts and ties 364 days of the year, but not tomorrow. Tomorrow is the grudge match day! Tomorrow started more than a month ago...reminding each other who won and who lost, and predicting who will win and lose this year. There are threats, insults, just a little off color humor from time to time...and a whole lot of fun. In fact, the pre-game antics really are what it's all about - at least half of what it's all about!

We work hard, think hard and play the politics. We lead our teams toward common goals that usually end with something brick and concrete, or pipe and rising hot air at the end. The stress is often high. I think it's the venting of the stress that makes it all worth's the reason it's so fun. Oh...there's the trophy too. I'd insert a photo, but since lost last year, it's our turn to "improve it," and I don't want to give away the upgrade. Tune in tomorrow late for that.

And unless you think we're uncultured, may I offer a poem written just for the game.

A Golf Haiku
Golf, summer wind blows
Air whiffs past Ron's missed ball
Pink skivies scream HELP

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