Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fallen Angel

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I don't know about fallen angels and the theology behind it all, but I do think this woman has a cool site. It's patriotic in a world that doesn't seem to value patriotism, and she thinks paratroopers are cool...Having been one, I have to agree! In fact, I've been inspired to scan all my photos of jumps and post them - come back soon to see them. I was attached to the 9th Division, 109th MI (CEWI). We were an airborne infantry company providing recon and intel. How about this for a logo...

E co. 109 (LRRP). Stealth - Secrecy - Security. Infantry amidst the chaos; taking the oxymoron out of Military Intelligence in the 80's.

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Fallen' Angel said...

Thanks for the link, Chris and your kind words. Having read your blog, and liking it...I plan to add you to my list as soon as I have time.