Saturday, December 9, 2006


I want to write about a funeral. I want to write about a wingman. But I feel compelled to write about John. I hope Steve Farrar will forgive me if this is copyright infringement... It's the personal stuff about Jesus that matters, Steve captures it well.

"John was staggered by Jesus. That's the way it is with people who hang out with the Lord day after day. They can't stop talking about Him......And when a guy's spent forty-two straight months walking alongside the King of kings and Lord of lords, he's bound to have a few impressions on certain subjects......Think about eating meals over the campfire with Him...rowing a boat with Him into the teeth of a storm...confronting dangerous enemies with Him...praying with Him on the mountainside......sleeping under the stars with Him...walking on the beach with Him at sunrise...watching Him lose His life on a cross......" Watching Him lose His life on the cross. (Finishing Strong - Steve Farrar - p.127)

...Steve's work shortening the text

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