Thursday, December 14, 2006

...and Wingmen

I have a Ranger buddy, and he'll always be there. But as I climb the ladder, I guess what I need these days is a Wingman. He may not know how to field strip an M-16 or navagate through the dark of half this country, but this I know. He's got my back these days. And my front. And the flanks. In this world I live in now, I don't need a Ranger buddy as I once life is no longer on the line. But when you fly high and fast in the business world, you need a wingman. Wingmen can quote Sun Tzu, "Keep your friends close..." They say things like, "Mav, we don't have fuel for this kind of stuff," but never leave your side. They say, "Slam on the brakes, he'll fly right by." And, "Anybody seen a green out here?" We play, we joke, but we get the job done...consistently. You know what else? Sometimes out of the blue, on a terrible day, he might leave you a message that says something like, "You have a gift Mav, of holding the team together, making us believe that everything is going to work out." He calls me Maveric, 'Mav," and I call him Wingman and Ghostrider and...Chuck. We deny each other flyby's, "the pattern is full," but know we never would. He's my living GPS; I think he befriends me out of pitty :) You need a wingman in life...Thanks Chuck.
PS - Wingmen have cool mom's!

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