Saturday, November 25, 2006

Seattle, vices and Bob Seeger

In 1984 I joined the Army. After infantry school and airborn school (60 jumps...HOOAH!), I found myself in Washington State. I like to think of my life in chapters, and I think of this part of my past the fondest. Seattle, Tacoma, The mountains, the ocean, the rainforests, friends...friends. The photo below assuming it posts, is my Seattle. I immagine the picture is about 15 years old, but then I guess I havn't been there in at least 15 years. How does time move so fast? Vices? I suppose we all have is definitely one of mine. 60's thru 80's mostly. Little River Band, Charlie Daniels, Queen, Bob Seeger - I was listening to Bob on the Radio a few nights ago, still nostalgic as I so often am this time of year..."and sometimes even now, when I find myself lonely and beat, I drift back in time and find my feet down on Main Street." Mainstreet isn't a quarter mile section of concrete and asphalt for me - it a series of cities, a mountain highway, an old military fort on the ocean, it's climbing steel girder bridges and wondering now why I'm still alive. It's about a time when I really was alive... Do you understand? There's nothing wrong with my life now, I'm still alive, but when your young life is so vivid. That's Main Street. Thanks Bob Seeger. I suspect if you ask Bob from my previous post he might agree? I'm thankful for mainstreet, it's nice to think about from time to time. It's not the blessing that today is with a beautiful wife, three charming girls, but still I wouldn't go back. I've rambled, but maybe that's what blogs are about?

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5 Johnson Kids said...

It's a great city. 15 years has not changed that. If it were a little left-leaning than it is I wouldn't mind. . . and I'd pay less taxes. Alas.