Monday, December 14, 2009

Mary did you know

There's a great song they play this time of year...a Christmas song. Mary did you know. My oldest daughter is singing it as I write. She has a beautiful voice. The song is profound if you pause and really think about. "Mary did you know...the child you delivered will soon deliver you?" She couldn't possibly know. She couldn't possibly understand how the ancient scriptures would be revealed. She couldn't fully predict that in just 33 years from her pondering, that He, her tiny baby, would bear the sins of the world.

I know Kenny Rodgers has overdramatized the song, and everybody in the world sings it these days. But the next time you hear 'Mary did you know,' pause and reflect... "Mary, when you kissed your baby's face you kissed the face of God." Prepare your heart for a Mary, I mean Merry, Christmas.

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