Monday, November 5, 2007

The stuff that really matters

My littlest girl woke up this morning with a sore throat and a belly ache, "It really hurts daddy." Anyways, an hour later we headed for Dunkin Donuts before church. Eli got in the car and Hadassah said (as if she were in charge), "don't you think SHE should stay home - SHE's sick." I lectured her about attitude, and "I'm the dad, and, don't you think I know if she's in any shape to go with us..." She's a natural leader, but the fine art of compassion and diplomacy illude her...a work in progress! Half a mile down the road, Blaaaaaahhhhggggllllrrrrffff. "I told you she was gonna puke (sorry for the graphic) - what were you thinking." I took it in stride. "Hadassah, if you say another word I'm gonna slap your face." I still don't know which I was more upset about. The fact that she was right, or the fact that she was so uncompassionate. No, I know...I'm just not telling.

We skipped sunday school and I just held my little girl for an hour. It was an amazing experience. She was so helpless, so dependent. So sweet. It's the stuff like this that makes it all worthwhile. I love my girls...and yes, I did work it out with Hadassah later! It's amazing what bonding can occur in buying a lawnmower together.

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