Monday, October 1, 2007

The pursuit of little girls

My oldest daughter is 11. She melted down today. Overtired we think, and maybe missing her daddy. This daddy thing is complex. Women, as least in my belief, are in many ways products of their fathers or most significant man in their young life. And they have a need to be pursued. It's kind of a romantic notion isn't it?! So, she stayed home while her sisters played this afternoon and took a nap. Then she started playing with her house. H is kind of an alone player, and she was enjoying her time without her sisters. I understand this. I asked her to to go desert with me at Zuzu's. It was a struggle for her...alone play time, or time with dad. She was struggling, but what I could clearly see was her desire to go with me, and her need to be pursued...and so I pursued my little girl. I went after her heart, made sure she knew her daddy loved her, valued her, thought she was worth something. She lit up, dropped everything, and scurried for her shoes. We had a great time at Avacolies. Zuzu's was closed - their loss!

Post Script - A great friend of mine warned me about my title...and I appreciate his concern. So let me say this in case anyone is wondering. Until you understand how God pursues us, until you understand the love of Jesus, this pursuing may not make sense. But I assure you, it is the purest of love - a love of a Father for his daughter...a love of a father for his daughter - and his pursuit of her heart.

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5 Johnson Kids said...

Sasha is turning 11 next month and trying to adjust to Mike working a "regular" job. She, too, is having what we call "meltdown moments." It's hard to manage at times. I wish I were enough for her- but I'm not. That's a good thing, I know, but still hard to manage at times.

These almost ladies who have the emotions and (maybe bodies) of young women but the innocence of girls and the vulnerability of children are in a tough spot.

I feel for them, and I bless my Lord that my girls (and yours) have a Papa who cares, who shifts his schedule, who makes time appear out of thin air, and who pursues and woo's these tender hearts.