Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wine Appreciation
Responsible adults? LOL!  OK, well I'm not really laughing out loud, but I am smiling.  You see, a general message to the community went out, "wanted, responsible adults to temper the wine class."  Stacey and I agreed to come.  Date night.  80 students give or take a few.  Some staff and facutly.  And a bunch of wenches.  The professors term, not mine.  Wenches by his definition is a gender neutral term. We ended up at a table with six others.  Two students, three recent HWS graduates and a new staff member.  It was great!  Youth is always invigorating.  They have energy, life, and a perspective unencumbered by children, responsibility or experience!  I've always found balance important...have someone older to mentor you, have someone younger to be mentored, or to challenge you, or both.  So for the next six weeks : )  Red wines, white wines, a rose or two, French wine with a French woman.  What a blast we had.  Spilling on my clothes, sharing cheeses and stories and smiles.  And for the last class, dinner.  food and wine paired.  Great wines.  And as the evening closed I thought two significant things...  Why, I thought, does it have to be over?  And I smiled somewhere inside as I reviewed this photo on my Droid as I thought, noting the bunny ears, "who are the adults?!"

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