Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Perspective is everything isn't it. We all see the same things, but we each see it differently. Every week a new photo shows up on the Colleges website hilighting a new and exciting event. Some pass by me without event while others really grab my this one. Look closely, excluding the 1/3 of a man to the far right, what do you see? Ten dark coats and a light one? Two red scarves? One red tie? 11 closed jackets and one open one? The Obama children peering through the bulletproof glass? Just kidding on that one! Five from William Smith and six from Hobart? Maybe you noted that it's cold? Not me. I missed all of these things. All of them. I even missed the eleven and one third people in the photograp...but not the 12th. The twelfth man is the only one I really saw. Probably holding a 300 Winchester magnum with tripod and scope.

It's all about perspective isn't it?!

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