Monday, November 9, 2009


You know, Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Well, actually the photo is AchDEAD the non-terrorist. It's hard to make out, but the foam skull is crushed and now laying in state while we figure out how to ease the tears of an 8-year old. You may ask, "why is it that an 8-yr old knows who Achmed the dead terrorist is..." I don't have a good answer for that so let's just move on! Anyway, we don't approve of terrorists in this house, so my youngest simply decided that her new friend was Achdead the not a terrorist. A C H Phlem DEAD! (If you don't get it so far, just youtube Achmed...if you don't get the youtube reference ask an 8 year old).
I'll admit, it was my idea to have Achdead laid in state. I figured after playing outside for an hour she'd simply forget. Immagine my surprise coming home to a fancy box on the dining room table. "What's this," I said? There in a pirates chest... She gets it from her mothers side!

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