Thursday, December 6, 2007

Men and's what I do

I'm a project manager. That means I'm responsible for construction projects, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I like what I do, but my strength doesn't really lie in construction. They have more to do with building a team, assembling the right people and maintaining the right vision, keeping the sandbox safe to build castles in. That sort of stuff. Good construction has so much to do with good relationships, and if those relationships turn into good friendships...all the better. I talked to a friend today - he's an architect. And my other great friend is an engineer. We built this thing together out of bricks, and steel and MAPLE. The buildings are beautiful. Though the process was arduous, one day soon the three of us are going to have to stand between them, Starbucks in hand and just admire our good work...and our great memories. Sometimes that's what I do.

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