Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sixth Grade's what I do (AKA "Facebook")

I have a facebook page and 100+ friends. That's not unusual, in fact it's probobally kind of small given today's culture. There's one "friend" however, who after 31 years has once again made an impression. Let's just call him Mr. Sobierajski for conversation sake. I always believed he had our best in mind, despite his "...get with the program" attitude and Spock like precision and intensity.

I was lamenting in the Chris is... portion of facebook. 6th grade math. Fractions. Bleck! I've been helping my daughter/relearning 6th grade math. Imagine how 1977 flashed back when this message sprang onto my PDA: "Suck it up Button..."

That voice with it's Drill Sergeant timbre came back like a flood, and along with it so many thoughts that melted into a remembering smile. I hated math...but still appreciate Mr. Sobierajski. He may actually be the reason I passed Calculus - barely!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where's George is a website that tracks dollar bills as they travel across the state. We're George purists in this house; though I'm not beyond buying a bill from a friend, I'm not stamping my own bills and sending them. They have to be legitimately found or received. For us, the game works like this.
1. Find a wheresgeorge bill
2. Log it in with a both descriptive and funny entry
3. Read the history and then edit the description because it wasn't funny enough
4. Wrap it up with a nice not and send it on it's way (at least a month after we intended to).
* Here's where we diverge from George purity. I don't spend the bills - we send the bills as far as we can think to send them (or to the person who will enjoy it the most and play).
5. Hope our friend logs it in, writes a note that's not LAME, and spends it or sends it.

The most interesting of our current 7 bills came from a know...a stripper. She noted that she gets a lot of ones in her "profession," or something like that. We laughed, washed our hands thoroughly with soap, and then sent the bill on to my brother! Read into that whatever you like!

Everyone else please forgive this inside joke... Hey buddy, spend it at the "meetings!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama - Where were you?

Often I'm getting asked by my children, "where were you when..." Rather than try and remember, or just making it up - "Uh...I was in a coffee shop when they stormed Normanday..." I thought I'd capture the moment now. January 20th, 2009. I was at a meeting in Ithaca with my boss. We were driving home and stopped at the Short Stop Deli to eat. Reuben, Sobe green tea, chicken noodle soup with really big noodles. Popular place with a big TV playing. We stood at the counter to eat our sandwiches and watch the TV. The VP was sworn in without event. And then Obama. Just before he took his oath a couple of ladies...who were a couple...walked in standing close like couples do. Then a guy with big rings on each finger, long curly hair, a feminine fur coat and army boots. A student calling her family, "Turn on the TV, it's important you see this." As Obama spoke, a 30ish man who probobally doesn't make enough money to pay taxes turned and shouted at me, "he's gonna raise taxes, that's what he's gonna do. My great grandfather was in Normandy as a paratroop. Was his father a paratroop? Did he pay taxes? He's gonna raise our taxes!" Ithaca is a liberal town, and honestly I can't think of a better place to have watched Obama sworn in...right next to the ladies, the guy, the other guy and my boss. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those as Jerry Seinfeld would say. But it just seemed to fit. The Audacity of Hope...that's all I have to say. So, where were you?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Write your own story...

When I started this blog thing, I struggled to find center, to find a meaning and a purpose. It helps to friend who steers me when I go astray...or when he thinks I've gone astray ; ) Somewhere in this written journey, I have found purpose. To write a story - my story. Sometimes it's about a moment. Sometimes about an event. Sometimes a memory. And sometimes it's just good old fashioned sarcasm! But it's important because it's mine. The stuff that piqued my interest, touched my heart, angered me or made me laugh.

My editor often passes on wisdom I have to steep like tea to realize fully. And though it shocks me each time, his words can be profound ; ) So, I was scolded for adding the year in review as a JibJab entry, and instructed to write my own summary of 2008. I think the JibJab fulfills my "sarcasm quota." My friends words however point to a much more important theme. Think about these words and make an effort.

"life is too read others.....but write your story."

Thanks for reminding me why I do this thing that I do Mr. Editor.

Happy 2009!

The Year in Review (2008) - JibJab (PG Rated)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Amish have needs too

I've pondered for 20 minutes what someone accustomed to riding in horse and buggy might need from Peebles...but still, there they are.

Perhaps I jumped too quickly to a conclusion. The mall hosts a theater, a liquor store, a laundromat, a movie store, a hair salon, a coffee shop, Staples and a gas station!

Girl speak?

I'm blessed with three wonderful daughters. Each unique and beautiful in their own amazing ways. But their language. Not only is the talking incessant, but can anyone translate this?

"Most people think I'm a girly girl but really I'm a tomboy but I don't dress like a time boy and I mostly act like a tomboy but sometimes I act like a crazy rabid squirrill - yeah." No pauses, no commas, not slowing down in the sentence. And at the end, the all telling "yeah." Like there's deep truth and meaning that's obviously implied if my male mind could only grasp it. Yeah...