Monday, August 25, 2008

Camera loser (or the canoe trip)

Saturday 9AM we hit the water for a 9 mile canoe trip. My 12 year old and me along with the youth group. It was a great time! And I took dozens of amazing pictures...with a camera that had no memory card installed. Saturday I was a camera loser. It was hard work, and I'm feeling all of those muscles I rarely use. I also have a theory that when the operated on my neck, they didn't put all the pieces back quite like they originally were : )

I thought it was interesting...perhaps the last photo I didn't take was of my daughter's dance teacher. She inquired in a laughing tone, "so, are we going to end up on your blogsite?!" I think she meant it in a good way, but it did make me think. So Ms. KVK, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) you will not end up on my least not today!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

France. Could be many places in Europe, but this is France. A great friend of ours just returned with wonderful photos...and wonderful memories. The pictures were all great: Paris; the mountains; her friends. This picture however really delighted me. It's a church...actually a monastary I think. The architecture is amazing. Perfect lines, proportion, stone, arches and angles. All the classic elements. Each with a specific name, but to analyze the building by the textbook terms really would ruin the point. There's something comforting, something secure in the knowlege that some buildings stand the test of time. That some design is timeless. And that we're all human and connected, and that there are things like this building that bind us together in some intangeable way. I could go on for a long time about what this architecture makes me feel, but what would be the point? Enjoy the building and think about a good friend...and if you ask nice enough - maybe she'll extend the right to steal her pictures to you too!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This entry has no title. Somethings just stand by themselves. I don't know Tom well, but I would consider him a friend. There are some people in your life that you just connect with. I respect Tom...I'll let the obituary for his wife tell the story. If you don't get it, check your heart. And if you can't say this about your bride, it's not too late to start. Me - I'm starting again tonight...

"...She is survived, loved and admired by her husband of 50 years, Thomas Hussey..."

Monday, August 11, 2008

Next blogs and a few changes

This list is mostly for things to write about. It's been busy, and I don't want to forget.

-Breakfast with 5 girls, a man and his father
-Breakfast with another friend
-Homefries and onions
anyone seeing a theme here?
-Buildings (with a guest image from France)
-Traveling friends
-Brookgreen - this one may be a little too personal to put in a public blog
-Refining the Audacity of Hope entry
-Yowza (wonder if I spelled that one right)
-My first 'adult' childrens book "the mouse in the corner" (don't take 'adult' wrong)
-Why I write according to Chuck (he may be right)
-Trophy wives

Oh...I have a long list of places that have visited my site. It's kind of cool, but now I realize a misrepresentation. Some come on purpose, some find my site and linger, and some show up by pure mistake and leave as quickly as they arrive. I'll be thinning the list, and then only adding those places in that remain for more than a few seconds.

Audacity of Hope

I'll throw too many cards on the table at once. I guess it fits my personality...I don't play poker. The posing and the face and the charade of it. I'd rather just throw all the cards on the table and get it out there and over. Somebody wins...somebody loses. Poker really is a game about lying isn't it. It's not who has the cards, it's about what cards everybody else thinks you have. How did I get here?!

A "presumptuous" friend (good friends can be presumptious) gave me Obama's book. So, here are my cards. I don't trust Obama. I'm still waiting for the content behind all the spin to reveal itself. But then, how many politicians do I trust? I like George Bush - a lot. I'm not so sure about his politics anymore, but I like the man that he is. Principled, decisive...George Bush is a good man. I have another good friend who will support that...but his story if for another day. Back to Obama, I don't think I like the man, but I like the things he writes about. For one, "hope." Obama writes about things that are not poker like at all. Consensus, the little people and the little things that make all the difference. He writes in a very real sense. He writes about a world that doesn't have to have winners and losers. A world without Poker. A world where we're all working together to make each other just a little better.

I'm not sure I like Obama, but I like what he has to say...